Hi Cliff,

Thanks for asking! MeWe is free for everyone because privacy is not something anyone should have to pay for, ever. All the awesome, cutting-edge features you need to have a great experience on MeWe are free and standard. Our start button says “Free Forever” and we mean that.

The revenue model on MeWe is “freemium.” That means in addition to all of the great free standard features on MeWe, there are optional special features, like custom emojis (2300 emojis are free, and we’re building a cool custom emoji store with artists worldwide), extra storage (8GB is free — [good for about 12,000 -15,000 pictures] and 50GB is $3.99 per month), Secret Chat in addition to our full-featured regular chat (Secret Chat is like WhatsApp, only without their tracking BS, using the latest double ratchet encryption technology — for 99 cents per month), live voice and video chat (99 cents per month), MeWePages — a page is just $2.99 per month, Dark Theme (one-time 99 cents) and more.

Plus, we have a separate division, MeWePro, for businesses and enterprise customers. PRO replaces email for internal company communications and has a beautiful suite of fully integrated collaboration tools and the best security. It costs less than $75 per year per employee and is far superior to Slack.

You see, it is a false myth that has been spread by Facebook, Google, Snap, Instagram, and others, that our data is what we have to give up to have a great social media experience. That is a complete lie and PURE BS! Capitalism was never intended to be a system for spying on people — that’s communism and CREEPY. MeWe members are customers to serve, never data or products to sell. That’s why we use the hashtag #Not4Sale



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Renowned Privacy Expert, Founder/CEO of MeWe: The Next-Gen Social Network https://mewe.com

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