Hi Brian,

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing that. MeWe has a clear and strict Terms of Service (mewe.com/terms) — haters are not allowed, and our moderation team works hard every day kicking them off! MeWe is for good people everywhere — haters, bullies, porn, violence inciters, etc. are not welcome.

If any MeWe member is spamming you or otherwise violating MeWe’s terms, please click the “Block/Report” button on their account. You can also send a message to “feedback@mewe.com” with the links to any members or groups you are reporting. Our moderation team can then investigate and take appropriate action. We’re building better moderation tools every day to make sure MeWe is perfect for you.



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Renowned Privacy Expert, Founder/CEO of MeWe: The Next-Gen Social Network https://mewe.com

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