7 Remarkable Reasons to Ditch Facebook Today

It seems that every day a new Facebook scandal plasters the headlines. From its countless privacy violations, to its biased censorship, to its interference in elections worldwide, calling Facebook a “dumpster fire” would be an insult to the waste management industry.

A list of all the reasons to dump Facebook could go on ad infinitum. Let's keep it short and just look at 7 reasons why you should ditch Facebook today and switch to a better social network that provides the love, control, and trust you deserve.

1. Facebook makes dirty deals with Cambridge Analytica

Facebook allowed the political data firm Cambridge Analytica to harvest 87 million American Facebook users’ personal data without their consent — Cambridge Analytica’s CEO even claims they have data on 220 million Americans. This data was used for political targeting to influence the 2016 election. Yikes!

2. Facebook allows Russian meddling and worldwide election interference

Facebook allowed Russia to meddle in the 2016 election by running highly targeted political ads spreading misinformation and “fake news.” Facebook didn’t stop there — it also allowed foreign meddling during the Brexit referendum and interference in elections worldwide. And they are still doing it.

3. Facebook experiments on people’s minds

In 2012, Facebook manipulated the newsfeeds of 690,000 users, without their consent, to experiment on how it affected their emotions. That’s right, FB deliberately made thousands of unwitting users feel depressed in the name of “science.”

4. Facebook lies prolifically and can’t be trusted

Facebook’s leaders have lied repeatedly to try and cover up FB’s privacy infractions — and there have been plenty of infractions to cover up! In December 2018, FB was caught sharing personal data with more than 150 companies and gave companies like Spotify and Netflix the ability to read and delete users’ private messages. In April 2019, 540 million records from FB users were exposed to the public on Amazon servers. OMG! No wonder why the FTC plans to levy its biggest fine in history for FB’s privacy violations.

5. Facebook harms everyone with rampant censorship

Facebook’s biased and bizarre censorship harms everyone on its platform. Individuals and communities who have been unjustly censored by FB include: conservatives, progressives, the LGBTQ community, African Americans, vaccine skeptics and advocates for alternative medicine, vegans, and countless others — not to mention news sites that dare to criticize Facebook!

6. Facebook violates your civil rights

African Americans, Hispanics, LGBTQ people, the disabled, and other marginalized communities have been victim to consistent discrimination by Facebook. FB’s civil rights abuses even led the HUD to sue FB for housing discrimination, and the NAACP to launch a boycott of Facebook for its discrimination against African Americans.

7. Facebook is the world’s biggest spy agency

Facebook is not a social network; it’s a data company. FB users are not customers to serve; they are data for FB to surveil, harvest, and share/sell to FB’s true customers: marketers, advertisers, and governments. Not only does FB spy on you on its site, it even surveils you when you’re not using the site, and tracks non-FB users as well. WTF!

Your relationship with Facebook has irreconcilable differences. All trust is broken. It’s time to #DeleteFacebook.

Where to go now? MeWe

MeWe is the #1 Trending Social Network replacing Facebook. It’s the first social network with a Privacy Bill of Rights and No BS.

MeWe has no ads, no spyware, no targeting, no political bias, no boosted fake news, and no newsfeed manipulation. You have total control of your data and your newsfeed on MeWe. No one can pay MeWe to target you.

MeWe is advised by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the actual bloke who invented the Web! MeWe is realizing Tim’s vision for the Web where you have total control of your data and your privacy.

Sir Tim often Tweets about MeWe:

MeWe is social done right!

Mark Weinstein is a leading privacy advocate and the CEO of MeWe, the award-winning social network with a Privacy Bill of Rights and the №1 Trending Social Site.

Renowned Privacy Expert, Founder/CEO of MeWe: The Next-Gen Social Network https://mewe.com

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